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"Ungdomsinstitutionen EGELY" is a public institution run by "The Region of Southern Denmark"

We are located on the island of Fyn with headquarters in Nr. Åby.

EGELY is one of 8 Danish institutions dealing with young offenders between the age of 12 and 18, who are mainly  in custody awaiting trial.

According to departmental order magtanvendelsesbekendtgørelse nr. 1093 af 21.september, 2010, young people under the age of 15, without a legal residence permit in Denmark, can be temporarily remanded in custody in e.g. "EGELY".

The greater majority of the young inmates are remanded in "EGELY" under a direction issued by the court.

In addition to these remandings, "EGELY" offers accomodation for teenagers, who for some reason or other are unable or simply forbidden to live at home for at period of time.

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you need any information about the institution or its purpose.

Give us a call on +45 9944 2100 or mail to: egely@rsyd.dk






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